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The divorce/separation process, with the minimal amount of stress

Split Easy online divorce tool
provides a formal framework to allow you to divorce/separate in the most efficient and simple manner.

We will navigate you through the entire process, with the minimal amount of stress, in the absence of expensive family lawyers.

The Split Easy DIY divorce platform
can be used by either married or de facto couples. The Split Easy platform has an easy to use step-by-step process to determine a reasonable division of assets. The software then generates the legal documentation required to separate the asset pool.

On completion Split Easy online divorce tool will produce the formal legal documentation (Application for Consent Orders) required to be lodged with the Family Law Court.

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Divorce asset split Australia

We simplify the divorce/separation process, use Split Easy

Divorce / Separating can be an emotional and traumatic time, especially where children are involved.

Such a significant change in your life can be hard to come to terms with - particularly when it comes to managing how to move forward.

The assets and belongings that you accumulate during a relationship must be split through a fair and equitable process.

This means that the dissection of the asset pool must be "fair" according to your respective situations. If couples disagree on the split, the platform uses in-built predictive technology to help optimise the outcome for each.

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Avoid the cost, stress, and frustration

The average length of time that family law matters await resolution by the Family Court of Australia has grown to 17 months in recent times.

Costs for a standard Lawyer-Driven Divorce can range from $15,000 to $30,000 per spouse. Costs for a divorce that goes to trial vary but can range from $80,000 to $200,000+ per couple.

The Split Easy solution will cost between $1,499 and $2,499 depending on what modules are required.

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Splitting marital assets
Splitting assets in divorce

Property division isn't easy

When it comes to dividing property, no one can tell you exactly what orders the Court will make.

The decision is made after all the evidence is heard and a decision has been made as to what is just and equitable based on the unique facts of your case.

Split Easy (founded by a long-established legal firm in conjunction with a well established accounting practice) have developed a mathematical algorithm that considers the Family Law Court criteria and applies that criteria to your unique situation to provide you with an accurate suggestion on what is fair and equitable.

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The final step:
Consent Orders

Once agreement has been reached, you will receive the formal Consent Orders in electronic format for lodging with your local Court.

Along with the Consent Orders will be a covering letter with instructions on all additional housekeeping matters required to be attended to, to finalise your separation.

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Divorce papers

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Divorce property division calculator
Divorce property division calculator
Divorce property division calculator
Divorce property division calculator
Divorce property division calculator
Divorce property division calculator

Complete the Split Easy DIY online modules to help guide you through the divorce and separation application process.

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy
To us, it is important that you are 100% confident you will receive value for money prior to paying to use our platform.

Accordingly, once you have registered an account, we provide you with full access to the first three modules before requesting payment with no strings attached. The first three modules are:

Splitting marital assets
Personal Information Manager
Divorce asset division template
Assets and Liabilities Manager
Splitting assets in divorce
Living Arrangement Manager

You are only required to pay when you have completed the required modules (as mentioned above) and are set to invite your ex-partner.

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You can engage lawyers and potentially pay tens of thousands of dollars for their “opinion” (which may actually differ from what the Family Law Court of Australia deems reasonable).

Or you can simplify the process and make your divorce/separation as efficient as possible, by engaging Split Easy.

Sign up with Split Easy today to learn how to get a divorce and take the efficient and simple route.

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What our customers say

Split Easy has saved me thousands in legal fees. I was very lucky that my ex wife and I were amicable so the whole process wasn't too stressful. My divorce documentation has now been accepted by the Court with no issues.

Mark / Sydney

Love that Split Easy system has been designed so that it's so simple to use and makes it easy to understand all the legal jargon. Using Split Easy has saved me heaps of money and time at a stage where I was so stressed out. Very happy that I don't have big legal bill to pay!

Belinda / Adelaide
Margaret Y Split Easy

Because we don't have kids, using Split Easy only cost us $1499. This platform is brilliant and I have recommended it to my friends who are about to going through a divorce. It is way more affordable than going through a family lawyer.

Margaret / Brisbane
Testamonial Split Easy

I like how helpful the Split Easy team are. They were very efficient in answering all my questions. My documentation has now been approved by the courts. The Split Easy system has saved me thousands in legal fees.

Tim / Melbourne
Jenny T

Split Easy has saved me so much money. I found the whole process simple to use. I have a lot of commercial assets so it was going to cost me thousands just to prepare my property settlement through a lawyer.

Jenny / Perth
Edward T

The children living arrangement section alone is worth the money. It has made preparing the shared living arrangements and payment responsibilities very simple & clear. Thanks for making my whole divorce process easier.

Edward / Launceston

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